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AERIAL Conference, Cape Town
AERIAL Training and Development Conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa on the 17th – 18th of January, 2012.

The two-day Conference sponsored by GE Capital Service (GECAS) and moderated by David Bartlett, Senior Vice President and Counsel had in active participation Essien E. Udom, Esq., Principal Partner in the Nigerian law firm Udom and Udom and over 30 lawyers from different parts of Africa and Europe to deliberate topics of concern to Aviation in Africa.

Papers were presented by:

- David Bartlett (GECAS Luxembourg); Stephen Boikanyo (Norton Rose LL P - South Africa); Antony Single (Clifford Chance LLP – London); Marisa Chan (Clifford Chance LLP – London); Berend Crans (De Brauw Blackstone Westbrock – Amsterdam); John Ludden (GECAS – Dubai); Kenneth Gray (Norton Rose LLP – London); Ryan Barreth (GECAS – Cape Town, South Africa); Henther Wilmot (Norton Rose LLP – South Africa); Pierre Naude (Norton Rose LLP – South Africa).

The following topics were extensively covered:-

- General principles/overview of Aircraft Finance
- Aircraft Sale and Purchase Agreements
- Loan Agreements and Security Package
- Operating leases (aircraft and engines)
- Legal Opinions in Aircraft Lease Transactions
- Aviation Insurance and how fit with financing/leasing
- Key Events of Default and Managing Defaults
- African airlines – growth, Opportunities and challenges
- Impact of foreign/international regulations; EU Emissions Trading Scheme; Sanctions; Anti-Corruption; and EU Operator bans
- Export Credits and the New Aircraft Sector Understanding
- Cape Town Convention; the issues; has it worked and what do we really need to know about it?
- “To land or not to land” – A focus on aerodrome liability
- What do airlines and financiers expect of their external lawyers?

For more information on this Conference you may visit the AERIAL website.
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